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  Donate to the Forum Scholarship Fund

We are very proud to announce the creation of the Forum Scholarship Fund for the EuropeanChemSex Forum 2018

The Forum Scholarship Fund raises funds to ensure registration and attendance at the Forum will be free for all, (Actual costs per participant are 600€.) It will also offset the travel and accommodation expenses for panelists and attendees who otherwise could not afford to attend the Forum.

The Scholarship Fund is a way to pool many small donations in order to help the most people.

We encourage you to consider supporting this important programme to ensure the Forum will have a lasting impact on ChemSex in Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus regions. Please ask your organisation to make a donation towards the Fund.

No donation is too small!

We also welcome your suggestions for support from industry, foundations, agencies, organisations and individuals.

Please contact us at:

Thank you very much for your generosity.

International HIV Partnerships is the Community Interest Company (not for profit) organising the ChemSex Forum in Berlin. PayPal allows non-profit's a discount on their transaction fees and all donations made will be used directly for the ChemSex Forum.



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