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  Key dates

DRAFT: Key dates and details for the 2nd European ChemSex Forum
Please review these dates and details. If you have any questions, contact

Key dates:

  • Application to participate – Now until 20 January 2018
  • Abstract submissions – Now until 20 January 2018
  • Scholarship applications – Now until 20 January 2018
  • Accommodation – Now until 20 February 2018 at the hotel or secure your own
  • Donations – Always welcome
  • Decision on accepted participants – 29 January 2018
  • Decision on accepted abstracts – 29 January 2018
  • Decision on scholarship applications – 29 January 2018
  • Webinar: Therapeutic responses to problematic ChemSex – TBD February 2018
  • Final detailed programme – 5 March 2018
  • 2nd European ChemSex Forum – 22-24 March 2018
    • Training Day – 22 March
    • Data and Evidence Day – 23 March
    • Community Mobilisation Day – 24 March
  • Forum evaluation – April 2018
  • Forum report – May 2018
  • Forum next steps – June 2018

Key activities prior to the Forum and after:

  • By the Forum secretariat with the participation of experts and advisors and ChemSex Responders
  • Contact if you would like to volunteer help
  • Community engagement is strongly encouraged
  • Programme Development
    1. Forum programme planning
    2. Abstract review
    3. Team building: Work with the secretariat to develop a team-building workshop to be held during the March Forum. Suggest key elements of a ChemSex responders team. What are essential skill sets and/or specialties to be included, such as government, LGBT, HIV/Hepatitis health care providers, sexual health, drugs specialists, civil society, therapists? What types of possible formations?
    4. Information gathering: Work with the secretariat to develop an information-gathering workshop to be held during the March Forum. Develop a set of core survey questions and methodology, which can be proposed to be part of local alcohol and drugs awareness and use survey to enable some commonality and comparability amongst surveys.
  • Pre-Forum activities
    1. Training Day planning
    2. Therapeutic responses to problematic ChemSex: Develop a February webinar to reach key decisions makers and ChemSex responders. Discussion to include harm reduction, 12 step programs, community engagement and community mobilisation.
    3. Resource review on the European ChemSex Forum's Review and update the resources stored and presented on the to ensure best quality
  • Funding
    1. Specialty Fundraising and Sponsorship: Funding and sponsorship requests beyond core pharma funders with those institutions from which Forum presenters and participants are attending
  • Administration
    1. Application review
    2. Scholarship review, specifically for Russian speakers as presenters and participants
  • Post-Forum activities
    1. Continuations after this Forum, next steps, next Forum dates and possible sites, etc


Forum programme outline – Subject to change – Final programme by 5 March 2018

Training Day Data and Evidence Day Community Mobilisation Day
  • ChemSex: The drugs and the sexual experiences
  • Risk assessment
  • Models of behavioral change including harm reduction, 12 steps and community mobilisation
  • Safe injecting issues
  • A brief introduction to Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • MI role play in small groups
  • A call to action by David Stuart
  • What is problematic ChemSex?
  • What is known and not known?
  • Poster presentations
  • Latest information on HIV-, HCV-, co-infections and STIs
  • Combination prevention
  • City examples with local data
  • What a doctor should know?
  • About sub-populations: Trans and migrants
  • ChemSex and our communities
  • Report back from Training Day
  • Examples of community mobilisation
  • Poster presentations
  • Workshop: Team building
  • Workshop: Information gathering
  • Review of the Forum and next steps
Evening: Let's talk about sex and drugs Evening: ChemSex Monologues* Followed by community discussion Evening: ChemSex Monologues* Followed by community discussion
Post Forum Sunday: ChemSex Monologues matinee at 14.00 followed by workshop on writing and acting
Throughout the Forum activities: Posters from accepted archives on display
Throughout the Forum activities: Filming for a German-English ChemSex documentary to serve as an anchor element for community events across Europe, Central Asia and the Caucuses regions*

* Pending external funding. To donate.

Running concurrently in Berlin: 17th Munich AIDS and hepatitis days conference, 23–25 March



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