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The closing date for receipt of abstracts for formal presentations is 8 January 2018 and for poster presentations is 17 April 2018.
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1. Improving the demand for high quality evaluations and building trust in evaluation evidence
2. Approaches to conducting high quality evaluations and generating useful evidence
3. What is evaluation quality and how to assess it?
4. Exploring the links between quality dimensions and evaluation use
5. Pursuing quality throughout the evaluation cycle


  Guidelines for submission of abstracts

Structured abstracts should not exceed 300 words, and must include information under the following headings:

  • Context and objectives
  • Methods
  • Findings and learning points from the session
  • Type of session

Outside the word count authors may include up to three references including relevant evaluation theories and methods used, policy documents and other relevant studies so that readers can refer to them. Authors are asked to name and provide an email address for the corresponding author.


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