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2018 UKES members conference registration fee £330.00 + £66.00 VAT = £396.00
  • Institutional members who have booked one place at the full rate can claim
    20% discount on any subsequent places
  • to claim this discount, enter INSTITUTIONAL MEMBER DISCOUNT in the
    message box below and give the name of the delegate paying the full rate
Conference registration fee, including individual
UKES membership for 2018
£395.00 + £79.00 VAT = £474.00
Non UKES members conference registration fee £415.00 + £83.00 VAT = £498.00


An invoice for your registration fee will be sent with confirmation of your booking, including methods of payment.

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* I have noted that a 20% administration charge will be applicable for cancellations notified in writing before 18 April 2018 and that after that date the registration fee must be paid in full. I understand that cancellations must be confirmed in writing and acknowledged by the conference administrators or I will remain liable for the full registration fee.
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